Cambria Investments Holdings

Cambria Investments Holdings is a diversified organisation with a strategic focus on automotive retail, sustainable mobility, repair and maintenance provision and property investments. At the heart of the company is Cambria Automobiles, a prominent multigroup automotive retailer renowned for its specialisation in the world's most prestigious and iconic car brands. This automotive expertise is complemented by SOGO, a subsidiary that offers a sustainable and flexible mobility fleet for cars and commercial vehicles. What sets SOGO apart is its commitment to sustainability, offering carbon offsetting and net-zero credentials to eco-conscious consumers and fleet operators.

RAMP, another subsidiary of Cambria Investments Holdings, plays a vital role in the automotive industry by providing top-notch repair and maintenance products and services. With a strong reputation for quality, RAMP contributes to the overall excellence of the group's automotive offerings.

Beyond the automotive sector, Cambria Property Investments adds a layer of diversification to the company's portfolio. Cambria Property Investments Ltd not only manages the Cambria Automobiles property portfolio, but also is tasked with identifying, purchasing and developing further property assets for the benefit of the overall group.

This multi-faceted approach positions Cambria Investments Holdings as a dynamic player in various industries, combining expertise, sustainability, and a diverse asset base to drive success and innovation.