Cambria Private Capital

Working with early stage companies and founders providing significant sweat equity backed with our investment committee with over 150 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. We are targeting scalable business including sustainable mobility, as well as other emerging models in the industry that have the potential to deliver significant returns and become market leaders utilising our support and back testing the opportunity within the Cambria Group.

Cambria Private Capital provide -

  • Unrivalled investment committee with over 150 years of automotive/investment experience
  • Ability to backtest solutions/offerings in a real dealer environment
  • Proven track record of advising successful start-ups, building businesses, and advising on successful exits
  • Deep knowledge of sector trends that will shape the future
  • Significant network to help companies at all stages of investment
  • Applying Group values to give companies the best chance of success
  • Work with leading ESG agencies from inception to ensure both the fund and the portfolio companies have a positive impact on society for all stakeholders
  • We are passionate about working with exceptional founders to deliver extraordinary returns