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Company Culture - Cambria Automobiles Ltd



Each Cambria Automobiles Management team are empowered to run their own business, with access to expertise in our support functions, they drive to perform through an autonomous culture. Cambria has no costly Head Office and minimal management layers; the proof of the success of this culture is both real and tangible.

All the businesses in Cambria Automobiles share the same values, which underpin all operational and strategic decisions, through 'The Four Pillars'. If it does not achieve one of these then it will not happen.


Associate Delight

Members of the team will not be referred to as members of staff or employees. The associate will be proud to be associated with the Group and will be rewarded on contribution to the Four Pillars.

All associates should feel empowered and have autonomy to make decisions that affect the running of the business.

Associates will feel that they can achieve all their career aspiration with Cambria, correspondingly Cambria will invest in its associates in order that they can achieve their full potential.


Guest Delight

All associates will be encouraged to treat all customers at all times in the way that they would treat a guest coming into their own home.

Associate empowerment is key to achieving this goal. The organisation will be transparent and open at all times empathising with a diverse guest base.

Guests should feel that they have enjoyed their experience of 'touch-pointing' with associates and that it is an experience that they would wish to repeat.


Brand Delight

The Group's goal is to become the retailer of choice for all the brands that they represent.

This is focused around the following drivers:

  • To achieve brand vehicle sales objectives
  • To achieve brand part sales objectives
  • To be in the top half of brand customer satisfaction surveys
  • To develop an open and trusting relationship with all brand personnel


Stakeholder Delight

The Group's goal is to focus on delivering delight for its stakeholders:

  • To deliver all financial and non-financial criteria agreed with stakeholders
  • To be open and transparent in all communication to ensure a trusting relationship
  • To provide timely and accurate information so the stakeholders understand business performance.