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Cambria Investments Holdings Ltd is the owner of Cambria BIDCO, which was the investment vehicle used to delist Cambria Automobiles PLC from the London Stock Exchange in October 2021.

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About Cambria


Cambria Investment Holdings Ltd is a vertically integrated mobility and repair and maintenance provider.

CIHL was incorporated on May 25th 2021  As part of the investment vehicle, Cambria Bidco to delist Cambria Automobiles plc from the London Stock Exchange.  

The Company is a fully diverse business that incorporates the former Cambria Automobiles plc retail car outlets, Repair and Maintenance Plans Ltd, SOGO Mobility Ltd and Cambria Property Investments Ltd.

Our Business

The Group operates retail outlets across the UK with a geographical spread from Scotland through the North West of England via the Midlands, down to Kent in the South East and as far across as Swindon in the South West trading under the following 6 brand names Grange, Invicta Motors, Motorparks, Dees, Doves and Pure Triumph. 

The portfolio includes Repair and Maintenance Plans under the RAMP banner, SOGO Mobility and the Group property business. 

OEM Partners we represent are  – Aston Martin, Bentley, INEOS, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Landrover, Mazda, McLaren, MG, Rolls-Royce & Triumph.

Brief History

Cambria Automobiles was incorporated in March 2006 to implement a buy and build strategy to take under performing motor dealerships and add value by implementing technology driven solutions to fundamentally improve customer service, financial performance and OEM performance and so add shareholder value. The company was subsequently listed on the London Stock Exchange for 11 years, before it became apparent to the then Board of Directors  that the London Stock Exchange proved an inefficient investment vehicle for the Group to realise its potential.  The company was subsequently delisted in October 2021.